Welcome to Timeout Soccer

The Mission of  Timeout soccer / Global Football Academy is to identify talented young players in the U.S., Europe, & Latin America and provide them with opportunities to showcase their talent and be seen at the highest level of youth football (soccer). Through a comprehensive development plan, we endeavour to ensure maximum growth and improvement. Our program will develop the character as well as the technical abilities of our young athletes, and positively impact their lives for many years to come”

Time Out Soccer is the official representative of Watford FC.

Our aim is to provide access to be able to play and train at one of the finest soccer (football) academies in UK, USA, ITALY, UAE and PORTUGAL

Whilst at Time Out Soccer players will be part of their development programme and get the opportunity to play matches and prestigious tournaments with the opportunity to obtain College scholarships and be observed/evaluated by and for pro clubs within the USA and back in Europe.

Our extensive network and relationships with major pro clubs and colleges mean that players coming through Time Out will receive the best opportunity to display his talents in front of many scouts, trainers, & coaches.

So whether you would like to play at the top level, or be looking to gain college offers or just wanting a life experience Time Out Soccer can make your dream become a reality.