I can’t thank Timeout Soccer enough for helping me achieve my dream of becoming a professional footballer.

The training at Global Football Academy London has helped me go to the next level and enabled me to improve technically, physically and mentally.


“Since my first day with Timeout soccer,  I was surrounded by players that wanted to succeed. Succeed in the league, college opportunities and even pro opportunities. It was amazing to be a part of a team that wanted to be the best. Every single time we stepped on the pitch we would not only push ourselves but push each other to do better. After a few days with TOSUSA, I had felt a part of the family. No matter what happened or who we played we all had each other’s backs. It definitely showed on the fields since we would come out winning games and several cups. The coaching staff at TOSUSA wants nothing more than to see you improve every aspect of the game. So when the opportunity comes to display yourself, you’ll be ready.”


“My time with TimeOut Soccer was unbelievable it’s a journey I’ll not forget and I can’t wait to head back out in January to make more memories and improve myself even more and push forward with my dream of becoming a professional footballer!”


“From the start of my career at the Academy I felt at home, it was and it still feels like an unbreakable bond. TOSUSA is home, TOSUSA is a unity of players looking to succeed. TOSUSA will always be a part of me and so will all the boys that come through this academy because they aren’t just regular players, as soon as they step foot in our academy they become brothers. Timeout soccer wants nothing other than to see you succeed, they want what’s best for you. When you feel like the hope and the faith is going away… Timeout soccer will remind you why you can still dream and reach your goals!”


“Time Out Soccer has given me many opportunities to play against professional and University teams. To showcase my talents in front of scouts from all different levels. Without the coaching and competitive environment that TOSUSA brings to every practice and game I wouldn’t be the player I am today.”